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Are you ready to level up your freelance translation career?

From how to charge your worth to identifying your dream direct client, here you’ll find a selection of resources and tips to help you shore up your position in the industry.

Each blog has been transcribed from a recent podcast session, which you can listen to in full here.

Translator training on segmenting an email list is a crucial online strategy for freelance translators seeking to enhance their digital communication with clients and prospects. By categorizing subscribers based on relevant criteria such as language pair preferences, industry specialization or project types, freelance translators can deliver much more targeted and personalized content. This tailored approach...

Increase Your Client Acquisition Lead magnets are powerful for potential clients as they offer valuable resources that solve their specific translation needs. By providing a quick win such as a guide, sample translation or industry insights, you can attract both individuals and businesses seeking translation services. This not only increases your visibility within your target...