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How to Find More Direct Clients

How to Find More Direct Clients” is your ultimate roadmap to getting started, staying motivated and running a profitable freelance translation business.

Discover lucrative niche specializations – Find your lifestyle business sweet spot and become a shoulder-tapped expert.

Attract and retain high-paying clients – Craft irresistible proposals and have clients returning to you and referring you.

Future-proof your career – Using technologies to stay ahead of the curve and ensuring your business remains solvent in any cycle.

Standing out in an overcrowded market – Learn the essentials for building your star reputation

If you’re just starting out, this book empowers you to take control of your freelance future. Seasoned freelancers wanting to level up their game will also benefit from these insights.

Brimming with lessons learned, practical knowledge and relatable stories, Jason Willis-Lee MITI inspires freelance translators to strive for excellence, command their full market value and cultivate a rewarding life with translation expertise.

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Book Review: How To Get More Direct Clients Than You Can Poke a Stick At

“How To Get More Direct Clients Than You Can Poke a Stick At” is a new addition to the library of resources for translators and I had the pleasure to read an early copy of it. Here are some things that stood out for me in this book. The “Copy Cure” chapter gives a unique focus on persuasive writing principles in the translation industry. This section provides insights into crafting compelling content, a skill that has not been covered a lot in other translation books. Additionally, the chapter on investment management offers a fresh angle, highlighting the importance of financial acumen in a translator's career. The book is not only informative but also practical, with a wealth of references for further reading, lists of useful tools and links, and information on relevant organizations. I recommend “How to Get More Direct Clients Than You Can Poke a Stick At” to anyone looking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the translation profession.
Tess Whitty
A concise but comprehensive guide to effective marketing techniques for freelance translators This book has something to offer for both newcomers and established translators. After discussing the importance of specialising and giving an overview of various niches, Jason immediately moves on to the elephant in the room: AI, suggesting various ways to adapt to and work with it as well as identifying fields that are resistant to AI (at least in part: my own experience suggests that the academic medical field is not as AI-resistant as it should be.) He then moves on to essential skills (pricing, negotiation, upselling, time management, etc.), including the use of techniques that even experienced freelancers are often reluctant to adopt, such as a quid pro quo (if you want a lower rate, I’ll need more time to deliver) or offering extra services for a premium price. The next section is the meat of the book: marketing. Along with a brisk overview of how to build a network, use LinkedIn, optimise your own website, generate leads and so on, it includes several QR codes to various free worksheets from Jason’s own website that go into greater depth on the various topics. Jason winds up with some ideas for diversifying to render your business future-proof and a section on the importance of persuasive copy, before offering a wealth of information in the form of links to useful tools and future reading. In conclusion, I recommend this book for any translators who need to hone up their marketing skills in order to make (or keep) their business prosperous for years to come.
Marie-Hélène Hayles
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent advice on how to gain a 'talkaboutable edge. This book is concise and focused, drilling into the essence of finding a niche. It's perfect for mid-career language professionals looking to diversify their services and expand to direct clients by enhancing their marketing efforts. It is impressive to see how Jason successfully steers a one-person business in so many directions. I found the deep dive into specific software and processes, along with recommendations on outsourcing to maintain the 'zone of genius', particularly valuable. Highly recommended!