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Two ways to provide value to a prospect before you even get on a sales call

February 22, 2023by Jason Willis-Lee0

Within my business, I have a CRM a programme for customer relationship management, and I have a mailing list. I have a mailing list of about 80 doctors who publish research articles, and most contacts are actually prospects, most of them have not yet bought from me. Some of them are clients, they have made a purchase, some are not and I tag them accordingly as a prospect or client. So a few days ago, I got an inquiry from a cardiothoracic surgeon from a public teaching hospital in Madrid. He inquired about academic journal options to publish a respiratory medicine clinical trial. So I sent him a list for good measure, I also included a couple of paid options. Paid open access options. Open access is a paid service for the author but free for the reader, whereas closed access is free for the author, payable by the reader subscriber. That’s the difference in models. So I sent him a couple of free options, a couple of paid options of journals with a similar impact factor to serve as a backup in case the free journal rejected his submitted article. That is a very commonplace event. And he was so pleased he hired me to translate the clinical trial protocol. And I did that and he sent his protocol off to the journal so he was a very happy end client. This week, I have also had a similar call with a paediatric oncologist. This paediatric oncologist works in the Balearic Islands. I asked her, what can I do for you to provide value to you and she asked me to send her a list of free academic journals with a high impact factor. So most of these clinicians are interested in publishing in High Impact Factor journals because that’s where their sources of finance wants them to, or pressures them to publish. I also gave her a couple of paid off backup paid options in case the initial list of journals reject her submission. So that’s just a couple of ways I provided value to a prospect before I even had a sales call and that usually leads into another call which is a slightly stronger position to sell translation of academic research articles aimed for publication in an academic journal.

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