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Virtuous and vicious cycles

February 22, 2023by Jason Willis-Lee0

When I started to research this topic I actually thought this is a lot more geeky and academic than I thought a priori. So I will just touch briefly on this because I did mention this in a previous podcast episode. Both virtuous and vicious cycles, are complex chains of events that reinforce themselves through feedback loops. A virtuous cycle obviously has a favourable outcome, while a vicious cycle has a detrimental outcome. So a virtuous cycle for example, we might have a company with rising wages, and that produces increased consumption by the employees. That in turn produces an increased demand and inflation or raising prices. That is a favourable outcome. An example of a vicious cycle might be for example, when you can’t sign in to a programme without your password but you can’t get your password without signing in. So you have to find a way to break this cycle, perhaps by contacting IT support or some other method. And another vicious circle is hyper-inflation, perhaps a situation not too dissimilar to what we are living right now in most of the world. So that’s all I want to briefly say to close what I opened last time, vicious and virtuous cycles.

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