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3 email edicts I just can’t live without

February 22, 2023by Jason Willis-Lee0

The vast majority of my work is carried out in writing. A little known fact about me is that I don’t actually like using the phone but force myself to do so to make sales calls, keep conversations going with prospects, etc. Here are 3 quick e-mail hacks I use to boost my productivity.

  • Reduce the back and forth when scheduling calls and meetings
  • Make use of “no response needed”. Busy people love this!
  • Get creative with your auto responder

Here’s a quick tidbit I stumbled over entirely by chance from some personal reading the other day. Diffusion of responsibility is psychology jargon and it’s why group e-mails project managers sometimes send out are never a good idea; at least not for translators anyway.

28 Best Practices for Email Etiquette in the Workplace | Indeed.com

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