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5 mind-boggling CV errors I still see translators make and what to do instead

February 22, 2023by Jason Willis-Lee0

As a boutique translation office owner in a highly niche field, I occasionally see translator CVs come in as they bid for paid work. This past year we have worked in the EN to ES, SP to FR, SP to NE and, even most recently, ES to HE (Hebrew) language combinations.
These are the most common 5 mistakes I see still see translators unwittingly make:

  • Listing absolutely everything
  • Using snazzy buzzwords to impress
  • Worrying about trivia like font sizes and margins
  • Talking about how great you are instead of showing this
  • Not putting yourself in the vendor manager’s shoes

What to do instead:

  • Collect praise and referrals constantly
  • Know and quantify your value
  • Stuff the fluff
  • Avoid coming off as a job-hopper
  • Focus on your strengths and talents

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