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Should I Put My Prices Up On My Website?

During a recent webinar I gave for ATA translators called Pricing for a Profit Playbook we had a spirited debate on my poll question whether or not to include prices on your website. There were 3 responses: Yes, No, It depends

Here are 5 reasons in favour of publishing your prices…

Trust: a lot of companies may not do business with a company not forthcoming with its fees.

Pricing range: prospects want to know a ballpark figure of how much they will pay for your services

Unaffordability beliefs: if you don’t publish some prospects believe you are too high and they can’t afford your price point.

Personal branding: remember that pricing is a strategic marketing decision that helps set your personal brand apart from others. Are you the low-cost leader? Are you an expert worth paying more because you’re worth it? Your fees tell your prospect where you slot into the industry and the target market you seek to serve. There is no right or wrong pricing strategy.

Budgeting: if prospects feel they can’t afford you but want to work with you in the future they can save up to work with you in the future.

…and 5 reasons against publishing your prices.

Customized service: sometimes you just can’t list your prices because each prospect gets a highly personalized quote.

Competition: you’re afraid your customers will find out how much you charge. Here’s the thing. They already know and can easily have a friend pose as a prospect. Or your customers tell others your prices. After all, it’s a small world and very hard to keep your prices secret.

Value-based proposition: you feel your prospects need to talk to you first before buying. This is what your website copy is for. If done well, you can easily make a prospect solution aware and you can show how you can solve their problem.

Rapport: your service is based on your personality and rapport with your customers. They need to speak to you first and make a human connection.

Unique selling point: you feel your service is just the same as your competition. Commoditization implies what the customer purchases is the same regardless of the vendor. If you don’t yet have a USP you need to go out and get one ASAP.

Whether or not you put your prices on your website or not is a personal business decision. It depends on your business and marketing strategy. Just make sure you make your decision based on what’s helpful to your customer and right for your marketing plan and brand, not based on your fears about what “might” happen.

If you don’t put your prices on your website, it may be helpful to explain to people WHY you didn’t include them, and explain what the next step is in the process to work with you. Prospective customers will be curious to understand why they need to speak with you first.

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