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3 Ways to Craft a Cover Letter That Nails Your Narrative

March 15, 2023by Jason Willis-Lee0

1. Work Experience

Be sure to mention how your current projects tie in with the agency or direct client application at hand. The work history you mention on the cover letter should have a direct bearing on the account you’re applying for.

For instance: “In 2008 I was a translator XYZ project. I held the role for two years and went on to ABC Agency, where I headed the translation division for the following projects (and then list them). These roles helped me shape these skills (pick the relevant ones) which will add value to your advertised role of (the job posted).”

Be humble and to the point. Avoid saying you’re the best person for the job because you have a strong translation background. Focus on what you did and the RESULTS it achieved. That will allow the vendor manager to decide whether you’re the best person for the job.
Three personal stories that tie into this role are a good number to stick to. It adds credibility and doesn’t make your cover letter clunky.

2. Education

If you’re struggling to decide whether to discuss education or experience first, go with the one that is the most impressive and can boost your credibility early on. When it comes to education, it’s not enough to just state the degree. It’s important to highlight the aspects of the degree that will add value to the role you’re applying for.

3. Something Fun or Different

If you’re applying to a role that drips with seriousness, like the FBI or CIA or institutions where humour or spontaneity is considered a vice, then skip this step. For the rest, it helps to show that you have a sense of humour and won’t just be another cog in the machine. If you’re an avid mountaineer or you host improv comedy twice a month, it’s worth mentioning.

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