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Everything comes downstream of lead generation

Everything comes downstream of lead generation. If we’re not generating sufficient leads into our business quite obviously finding new clients and revenue streams becomes much harder than it needs to be.

If you can’t capture a person’s attention and trigger a signal of interest it really doesn’t matter how wonderful your service offers are. If you don’t have a steady flow of leads into your business and a daily, weekly or monthly engine to ignite those leads, believe me, you won’t make sales (or it will be that much more difficult to do so) and your freelance translation business may well come crashing down around you. 

Lead generation is the absolutely vital first step towards onboarding customers so this topic deserves your undivided attention. To bring in a new customer you need a warm lead who might be a good fit to work with you. A warm lead is someone who has filled out an online wait list or a form and willingly parted with their contact details (usually an email, sometimes a phone number as well). They know full well a marketing communication will follow at some point and the race is then on to make a sale.

Getting a lead’s attention and making them want to signal their interest in a true art form. Personally, I use various lead magnets and run quizzes to do this in my own business (both for my service provision and my productized translator-translator service). 

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