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WHAT I DOTraining for translators

Ready to onboard direct clients, premium rates, and a more robust online presence?

INTRODUCINGHow to Find More Direct Clients Than you can Poke a Stick at.

… which will turbo boost your freelance translator skills to wildly aligned success.

I found the course really useful in terms of an essential aspect, which is how to price my services, and to not be afraid of charging my full worth. I didn't realize how far below market price I was/am charging, because I've had no one to actually compare myself to. So that was a HUGE takeaway for me. And of course everything else we talked about was equally helpful, and I intend to put it all into practice.
Colleen Terry


You’re working 8h days, some weekends and feeling burnout trying to get traction for your freelance translation business as well as general life commitments in the mix but you KNOW you should be putting more time into finding your voice to post to your ideal client avatar.
You’re left scratching your head. How on earth do you find agencies that pay well and move upmarket to those higher-paying direct clients?
You know that if you don’t do something fast your freelance translator business will fizzle out before it’s even started to scale.

The talking heads tell you it’s simple.

Do online translator training. Go to events on how to become a translator. Raise your prices one client at a time.

But it’s never really that easy, is it?

You’ve been to a few translation training events and still nothing
Your new rates have been pushed back more than once
You struggle to find the time for translator training because of an already never-ending to-do list

The worst thing?

Some people do have new clients coming to them. And some clients MIGHT accept your new higher rates without question.

But, in reality, finding new clients is hard and higher rates are knocked back regularly leading you to question your worth, value and time.

Here’s the thing…

A staggering 25% of freelance translators fail after the first 2 years of their careers because they’ve not put into practice the right strategies from the get go.
Astonishingly, another 25% live on an artist’s budget just because they couldn’t pluck up enough courage to follow their dreams.
More unbelievably still, another 25% end up working with time-sucking clients who constantly beat them down on price.

So picture this...

Just imagine if you had more direct clients than you could poke a stick at.

Not just that but think about what it would be like if you were the go-to name for specialist translations. Imagine if you had clients that didn’t perceive high rates to be an expense but more of an indication of your full VALUE and worth.

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, this dream can be a reality with my tried-and-tested system that allows you to:

Strengthen your online profile
Recognise your talkaboutable edge and quantify your full VALUE and worth
Identify your ideal clients
Map out a strategy to land said clients

That’s right. You really will enjoy:

More piping hot leads than you can poke a stick at
NEVER having to send cold outreach emails again
Earn MORE and work LESS

The best bit? This can be achieved in as little as 90 days…

I know because this is the same system that got me to where I am today as a booked out niche specialist translator. And now, it could help YOU fire up your systems on all cylinders…

I went from translating a French rheumatology professor’s research articles for free, 25 years ago, to regularly being entrusted with academic research translation at top end premium market prices.

I´ve packaged this entire suite of know-how together so that you don’t have to take the scenic route to success like I did.


INTRODUCINGHow to Find More Direct Clients Than you can Poke a Stick at

Online translator training that includes templates, strategies and resources on pricing, negotiation, direct client and email marketing to save mid-career translators, interpreters or copywriters valuable time, money and effort when they start to scale up.

Here’s how it works…

Niche down and dominate your space. Together we amplify your zone of genius and expertise to ensure you win a slice of the market that means you can charge top dollar.
Up your pricing and negotiating game. Learn to use pricing as a business lever to position yourself as a premium translation supplier.
Market bravely to direct clients. Apply my ambitious direct client and email marketing strategies to stop undercharging and gradually move into the top end of the market.

WHAT I OFFERYour course price includes:

Module 1: Pricing for a Profit Playbook

In this module, we’ll look at how you can use pricing to stay relevant and communicate your full VALUE. You’ll discover crucial mindset-mental wealth exercises to help you stay competitive and relevant and we’ll look at the briefcase technique used by CEO master negotiators.

Module 2: From Passion to Profit

Together, we’ll draw up your dream 1-page marketing plan, wire your website and set up your SEO strategy, strengthen your online assets and build out a VIP network. The result? You’ll have a AI and futureproof step-by-step guide to land high-calibre translation clients on rinse and repeat.

Module 3: The List Building Translator

In this vital part of the course we study content and email marketing as the real keys to landing those elusive direct clients. First we dive deep on your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar). Then, using your epic canva template provided we build out a valuable lead magnet to offer as a free optin on your website to draw your ideal target customer closer. We also give you all the content prompts you need to leverage content marketing as a long game strategy to warm up and nurture your target customers, ultimately converting them into paying customers.


The translator training also includes all the bonus templates, scripts and resources to help you nail your CV and business profile, social proof, ideal client mapping and content storytelling techniques. Plus, you’ll get access to a bonus money mindset, mental wealth and money psychology vault.

In under 90 days, you’ll:

Learn how to stand out as a freelance translator in a crowded market
Map out your marketing mindset so that you know exactly WHO you’re talking to and WHY
Conquer your content so that you draw and attract your ideal clients
Wire your website and SEO game so that you attract READY TO INVEST customers

So, why choose me?

My name is Jason and I’m a niche specialist and successful translator. Alongside this, I work with passionate and ambitious freelance translators who want to get more direct clients, move upmarket and find their golden talkaboutable edge.

How to Find More Direct Clients Than you can Poke a Stick at helps freelance translators already invoicing 3k a month or less by specialising in a niche, marketing bravely to direct clients and enjoying higher fees WITHOUT working 8-hour days, sacrificing weekends and feeling burnout – EVEN IF your new rate has already been knocked back more than once.

The skills I teach in this translator training are the same skills I’ve used to get to where I am today. I know they work because they’ve worked for me. They’re tried-and-tested and proven.

For anyone wishing to get started as a freelance translator, I thoroughly recommend Jason’s course. He covers all aspects of the business from marketing to finance, but perhaps the most interesting from the point of view of language specialists, will be the thinking on how to bridge the experience gap and how to specialise in a niche.
Gareth Babbs
I really enjoyed Jason's course. He gave sound advice on setting up a freelance translation business - from marketing to pricing, and more. Thanks!
Claudia Kozeny-Pelling
I recently took part in a training course that Jason gave. He is obviously a very experienced and knowledgeable professional who was able to share that knowledge and experience with us in a very stimulating and welcoming atmosphere. It was an extremely useful event. Thanks Jason!
Michael Groarke
The mentoring program with Jason has been a great inspiration for me to pursue my professional path and develop the right strategies for finding direct clients. I'm sure all I have learned will make a difference in my business as I confront my difficulties and step out of my comfort zone. I found the course materials very helpful, but the one-to-one mentoring sessions have been the best part. I am happy I decided to enroll!
Mónica Caldeiro

Who is this for?


Looking for higher-paying clients? Want to market yourself confidently and believe in your full worth? This translator training will teach you everything there is to know about pricing, profit, negotiation and direct client marketing. In just 60 days, you’ll learn how to show off a “talkaboutable edge” as a freelance translator in a crowded market and be on track to grow your business fast so that you move up market – even without lots of work experience.


Tired of competing on price? Knowingly underselling yourself is a tough cycle to break but to move up the ranks it’s got to be done. This online translator training will help you to identify your true value proposition as well as ways you can market this to current and potential clients. Only then, will you be able to attract and retain ready to invest clients.


Are you struggling to find the time to work ON instead of slogging away IN your business? With the right business strategy in place, the sky’s the limit. But you’ve got to get there first. This strategic translator training will help you overcome initial challenges you might be facing, so that you can confidently get your foot on and effortlessly move up the career ladder.


But hang on a sec…

I don’t have enough money for this course. I’m already too busy with ongoing projects.

If you want to know how to become a successful translator, How to Find More Direct Clients will SAVE you time and money in the long run.

It’s not an expense. It’s an investment. And it’ll reward you with more clients, higher profits and more freedom.

Is this really for me?


If you’re a passionate and ambitious freelancer who wants to make a career as a translator, is eager to advance and looking to improve your business skills, enter or move into the direct client market and charge higher fees, then this IS for you.

Don’t believe me? Hear what others have to say …

So, what’s the catch?


There isn’t one.

I understand that you haven’t got a huge budget. You will do, just not yet. That’s why I’ve dicsounted the full price of my training (€897) so that you get as much bang for your buck as possible.

Mastering these skills has absolutely worked for me, and it can do the same for you too.



Aw shucks, I´m already doing another course?

You know you can ALWAYS learn something new from different people. Just wait until your current translator training ends and then come and join us.

I already have a proven track record in my previous career.

I came into the translation industry from another field and had to learn a lot of things from scratch. You always have something new to learn and there’s always room for improvement. There’s never a time when you can say you know it all and have nothing else to learn.

I’m a professional freelance translator and happy with my current working conditions. Why should I do this?

If you’re ok with working harder and making less that’s ok. But it really doesn’t have to be like that. Put simply, this training for translators will help you work less and make more. What’s not to like about that?

I am time-poor, maybe I should take a rain check?

This online translator training will give you results in as little as 60 days. It’s an efficient system that’s action-based and transformative. If you’re tired of the gruelling hustle and grind to try and win clients, make no mistake, this course IS for you. You will also pick up ways to feel more time-rich.

When does my translator bootcamp start?

As soon as you sign up! The course is action-focused and designed to be completed on your schedule and in your own time.

How much time does this course take per week?

2-3 hours per week tops. The more time you put in, the faster you’ll see results. It comes with lifetime access, so you can go as fast or slow as you want.


Still on the fence?

Let’s future pace for just a sec…

You wake up in 90 days in a completely different lead generation business ballpark.

Premium direct clients are now choosing YOU. Your higher rate is always accepted. You have more qualified leads, more free time and more money. And your personal and professional worth has skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

You feel much more confident with your skill set at work.

All this and much more is possible with my translator training.

But only if you’re ready to invest in yourself with a tried-and-tested system that requires energy, patience and a long term mindset.

You’ve never been closer to lighting up your freelance career. So, take the next step today…