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How to use storytelling in your content marketing
Free storytelling worksheet

The importance of storytelling in sales and marketing
If you want to build a daily-weekly-monthly lead engine you need to learn how to weave stories into your marketing copy and content to drive traffic to your online assets and start conversations that convert to sales.
What this worksheet contains:

1. Select a relevant story: look for a story related to your service. This may be a personal story, an experience from a satisfied customer or even a successful case study or testimonial. The important thing is that the story resonates with your audience.

2. Convey values and emotions: use storytelling to convey your personal brand’s values and trigger emotions in your audience. This will generate a deeper connection and will make your message more memorable.

3. Use visual language: accompany your story with images and visual elements that strengthen your message. The power of visualization will help get your audience more involved with your story.

Remember, storytelling is a powerful selling tool, as it enables us to connect to our audience in a unique and memorable way. Use these key points to build an effective and captivating sales argument.

Stories sell. It’s as simple as that.

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